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San Lun Lei Zang temple (also known as Kalachakra Buddhist Association Temple), majestic and spectacularly constructed, has became a new landmark in the northeast corner of Dallas, Texas (the eighth largest city of the United States). The temple covers an area of at least 30 acres with nearly 4 acres of land used for the construction.

Furthermore, the exact spot of the constructed temple happened to be a carp cave spot. This spot is a unique treasure spot in the context of fengshui known for its ever- present of clear, vast and blissful positive aura energy naturally generated from the land formation. This has mystically enhanced the entire aura energy of the temple and thus it became a fengshui treasure temple where all dharma practitioners dream of conducting their practice with great success in attainment. Most importantly, it became one of the sacred True Buddha Sect temples in the southern USA that spreads Buddhist Tantrayana teachings.


At the point of writing this article, all the structures of the temple have been fully constructed and all the golden statues of the Buddha and Bodhisattvas from all around the world have also arrived and being placed nicely in the temple. The last step for the temple to be official launched to turn the great dharma wheel is the arrival of True Buddha Sect Root Guru Lineage Grandmaster H.H Living Buddha Lian Sheng to bless and consecrate the temple.

On this special day of September 9, 2009, the main founder of the Kalachakra Buddha Association Temple, Dharma brother, Song Xian Zheng, further dedicated himself to become a monk and was consecrated and anointed as a Vajra Master with the dharma title: Shi Lian Zhen Vajra Master upon the Sacred Vajra Acharya initiation by H.H Living Buddha Lian Sheng at the “True Buddha Tantric Quarter“ in Seattle. H.H Living Buddha Lian Sheng has also verified him as the return of the Black Padmakumara. Root Guru H.H Living Buddha Lian Sheng further praised him for his devotion and explained on the given Vajra Master dharma title name: Lian (translated as: Lotus) Zhen (translated as: Calm and stable) that signifies one who is able to settle down gracefully and commands in all directions. He said: “Vajra Master Lian Zhen is truly a dedicated spiritual cultivator and a chinese physician who always uphold his duty compassionately with his whole heart to help and salvage all sentient beings from their sufferings. As being a compassionate cultivator, he has further decided to build a Buddhist temple in Dallas using all his personal financial strength without any fund-raising campaigns for the entire temple construction and uses his own land too. I have named the temple as: San Lun Lei Zang Temple (direct translated as Three Wheels Lei Zang temple), whereby the three wheels do not mean the three wheels of a tricycle instead it is actually referring to the Three Dharma Wheels in Buddhism. Vajra Master Lian Zhen will also become a great meritorious master in the future.”


Vajra Master Lian Zhen has a deep fate with the True Buddha Sect for a long time. He was born and grew up in Taiwan. In 1979, he left Taiwan hometown to USA, Arizona State for further study as doctoral student in the department of Electrical Engineering and worked in Houston, Texas upon graduation. In 1983, he came across a book titled as “The legend of Conquering Devils and Demons” written by Grandmaster Lu and he was in awe after reading it for the first time. He was so intrigued by the content that he and his spouse (Cai Qui Xiang) flew over to Seattle straight to meet with the author, Grandmaster Lu. In 1984 and 1985, they moved to Seattle and stayed there so as to be close to Grandmaster Lu and learnt Buddhism from him. After that period of stay in Seattle, they shifted to Tennessee to start restaurant businesses and it lasted till the year in 1995 when they decided to shift back to Houston and finally settled down. By that time, they had accumulated certain amount of wealth and decided to make a switch to real estate rental business and shopping malls.

Upon reflecting on his life journey, Master Lian Zhen still felt that his life was yet to be fully accomplished despite having a stable career and certain amount of wealth. He tried to find further accomplishment in life by resolutely returned to school and studied hard at Hua Mei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Houston as he observed that the most painful thing in life was actually illness. He was further motivated due to his father who was well versed in traditional Chinese medicine. After four years of study, he obtained a Chinese medicine license and started operating a clinic around year 2000 to practice medicine to help the world.

Looking at Master Lian Zhen’s life trajectory with many years of struggles since immigrating to a foreign land, it is clear to see that his hard work and courageous in business field has groomed him into a successful business operator with a bright future. However, most importantly, deep down in his heart, he is actually a real compassionate cultivator who always takes the benefit of all sentient beings as his mission. Therefore, while practicing medicine, he also went to the "Mi Yi Lei Zang Temple”, another temple of True Buddha Sect in Houston to help out with dharma services and was nominated to become the chairman of the fifth board of directors of the temple in 2003. In order to concentrate on the cause of spreading Buddhism and dharma teachings, he sought help from his clinic assistant to take full charge of all his clinic businesses.

What happened next in his life were unpredictable and unthinkable. In the year 2005, after resigning as the chairman of the “Mi Yi Lei Zang Temple”, Master Lian Zhen often traveled between the United States and Taiwan. There was an occasion whereby the in charge of “Jing Ji Lei Zang Temple” (another temple of the True Buddha Sect) in Taiwan with the dharma title as Dharma Lecturer Lian Lai led him and several dharma members to pay a special visit to a Golden-Mother Shrine Chapter (Shi Bi Bu Chapter) in Hua lien. During the visit, he unexpectedly received an invisible edict from the Jade Pond Golden Mother to build a temple to propagate the Dharma teachings and benefit all sentient beings. That moment onwards, he seemed to have a vague idea of the path he should take for the rest of his life. After returning to the United States, by chance, he bought a large piece of land in Dallas, a five-hour drive from Houston. He thought to himself: If he could build a small monastery here, in addition to aid in his own spiritual practice, it should be very meaningful for him to follow the fate to propagate the Dharma teachings and benefit all sentient beings.

In Master Lian Zhen’s life, the most unforgettable moment happened back in year 2006 when he flew back to Taiwan from USA for a visit. When his flight had just landed at Taoyuan International Airport, a fellow dharma member mention to him that Root Guru Grandmaster Lu, who was still in seclusion, would be giving a dharma speech at the “Jade Pond Spiritual Dormitory” in Miaoli. Without a second thought, he rushed to the venue immediately as this would be the first time for him to see his root Guru in Taiwan after his retreat. What happened next shocked him when he was at the venue and sharp-eyed Grandmaster Lu pointed at him and asked, "Hey, how come you are here?" He replied: "Master, I have just rushed over from the airport once I heard that you are here." Grandmaster immediately said, "Look, this depicts the deep bond and fate between master and disciple." Then Grandmaster asked: "Then where are you settled down now?". He replied: " Reporting back to Grandmaster, I have settled down in Houston”. Grandmaster continued: "Aren't you in Dallas?". He repeated the same answer: "Grandmaster, I am staying in Houston.”. Yet Grandmaster insisted back: "You are in Dallas." At this time, Vajra Master Shi Lian Ning, who was standing by, kindly reminded Grandmaster: "Master, he is the recently retired chairman of the "Mi Yi Lei Zang Temple". This time round, Master Lian Zhen replied to Grandmaster in Taiwanese: “Grandmaster, I am the one with surname Song.". Grandmaster said this back: "How could I not know that you are the one with the surname of Song?".

The following day, a same meet between him and his root guru master occurred on a different setting and venue. This time, Grandmaster was not only certain that Master Lian Zhen was in Dallas, but he also directly called him out by his name “Song Xian Zheng”. Furthermore, Grandmaster mentioned to him that he has already knew that Master Lian Zhen and his spouse had actually took the Bodhisattva precepts a year ago. All these happenings deeply surprised Master Lian Zhen and instantly felt that his own master was indeed really powerful and even further in awe of him.

In year 2006, soon after Grandmaster Lu officially left seclusion, on the 29th of July, he traveled to United State and made his second visit to “Mi Yi Lei Zang Temple” in Houston to personally propagate the Dharma teachings of Kalachakra. During that visit, Master Lian Zhen had personally delivered the blueprints of his own land in Dallas to Grandmaster. Upon looking at the blueprints, that was the exact moment whereby Grandmaster immediately gave him the calligraphy treasure blessing with a sacred naming of the temple as “Dallas, San Lun Lei Zang Temple”. From then on, there were countless heavy responsibilities fell onto his shoulders while trying even harder to meet the high expectation from Grandmaster Lu Living Buddha Lian Sheng. Because at that moment, there was scarce number of Dharma members in Dallas and the situation was even more challenging as there was not a single Buddhist association, monastery and temple ever been built in Dallas. Yet, Grandmaster specially blessed and instructed him to build a Lei Zang Temple instead of a simple monastery. After careful and detailed discussion with his spouse, in March 2007, both of them decided to moved their entire family from Houston to Dallas in view of the preparation for the construction of the Lei Zang Temple.

Although they had moved to Dallas, the entire logistics and human resources networks that they had and could be of use, were all left in Houston. Therefore, everything had to start from scratch and the most urgent resource needed to build a temple was a huge amount of fund. All along, Master Lian Zhen and his spouse had always kept a low profile within the True Buddha Sect and knowing that there were also other temples of the True Buddha Sect in great need of donations coupled with the fact that there were also many regulations and restrictions from the True Buddha Sect committee on fund raising, they decided to self fund for the entire temple construction. The fund came about by selling away two owned shopping malls and that was their first self funded amount for the temple construction. They clearly knew in case the available fund depleted or the fund became insufficient for total cost for the construction, they would have to further find ways to raise the fund. With this in mind, they became motivated and more courageous and gained a lot of knowledge and experiences through their hard work, despite encountering many difficulties, including problems with construction technology.


Master Lian Zhen gratefully said: “I am in total gratitude towards Grandmaster and Jade Pond Golden Mother for their endless constant blessings”. Ever since the official commencement of the temple construction in October 2007, in less than two years of constructing, majority of halls of the San Lun Lei Zang Temple had been fully constructed such as the majestic main hall, the Fire and water puja offering Hall, the Wealth Hall, the Ksitigarbha Hall, the Water Spirit Garden, the Usnisa Vijaya Pagoda, the Zen room, office, kitchen and the library. At this moment, the construction for the Dragon King Hall was also almost completed.


During the construction of the temple, every Sunday, Master Lian Zhen would gather some like-minded devoted dharma members and conducted dharma practice together. As the temple construction approaching to end of completion, the temple had also gradually attracted the local Americans or other ethnic groups to pay a visit. At that moment, there were more than thirty fellow Dharma members. With regards to the future development of "San Lun Lei Zang Temple", Master Lian Zhen, who has rich experiences in Dharma logistics, believes that the most important direction is to adhere to the three main dharma principles of respecting the Gurus, respecting the Dharma, and diligently practice the Dharma. He also pointed out: "If any temple wants to develop, the main temple committee members must be harmonious towards each other and solemnly observe the precepts. In this way, naturally, one will be able to treat all other sentient beings with equality. As long as the unity among the temple committee members stay strong and peaceful, all other sentient beings and people will be willing to get close to the temple. In particular, the person in charge of the temple must have huge compassionate belief, be able to judge things with better wisdom, adhere to principles, be more considerate of others and have more clearer communications and interactions with all sentient beings.”


In order to be a better disciple of Grandmaster Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Master Lian Zhen believes that respecting the Guru, respecting the Dharma, and practicing the dharma diligently are the most important aspects. He said: My master (Living Buddha Lian Sheng) is perfect in his conduct, work, practice and management. So, this will surely be the most appropriate and correct path for me to follow his footsteps and we will do whatever our master instructs. Therefore, every morning and evening, he has been diligently practicing the True Buddha Tantric Dharma and also recites mantras and meditates, and progressing step by step. His spouse, Dharma Sister Cai Qiu Xiang, didn't know much about Tantric Dharma practice at first and she only followed her husband's daily diligent practicing the Dharma until she finally got a real sensation and truly felt the strong positive energy emitting from the Tantric Dharma essence. Now, whenever she meets people, she will give praises: "The True Buddha Tantric Dharma is so great! People living in this world must have faith in religion and that will make a purpose in their life. There are many types of religions and I have chosen the True Buddha Sect, and I will still choose the True Buddha Sect again in my next life. This is due to its practicality whereby if one really practice the Tantric Dharma diligently, both the body and mind will become at ease and that makes me want to continue practicing the True Buddha's Tantric Dharma eternity."


In the middle of this year, as the entire construction of the “San Lun Lei Zang Temple” was close to completion, Master Lian Zhen believed that the right time and fate has come for him and decided to ordain and become a monk. He said: “Grandmaster has given me the blessing to rebuild my family and I am very grateful and thankful for the invisible blessing and protection from the Jade Pond Golden Mother such that I am willing to use my entire life and body as well as my entire savings to contribute and repay their kindness.” My Dharma spouse Cai Qui Xiang continued and movingly said: “My entire family has never left the True Buddha Sect ever since taking refuge and we truly regard it as our own family. Many unpleasant things had happened when I was young and fortunately Grandmaster has given blessing and help me to overcome all and now it seems to be the right time to repay the kindness. Most importantly, we are grateful for this golden opportunity given by Grandmaster, Golden Mother and all the Buddha and Bodhisattvas.” Indeed, with the pillar support given by my Dharma spouse, and the fact that my only son has graduated from Harvard University and is successfully working in society, Master Lian Zhen can be at ease and fully focus on his cultivation journey.


The kind-hearted and humble Master Lian Zhen laughed and commented: “I am already 58 years old, truly of a certain age, but my heart and soul yet to feel old and only now then I truly understand how to contribute to help all sentient beings!” That’s great! Master Lian Zhen! Let us all come together and give the blessings to the newly anointed Vajra Master who values the importance of diligent practicing the Dharma and follows closely without any regrets in the footstep of Living Buddha Lian Sheng.


釋蓮鎮上師  釋蓮央上師






[文/真佛記者/曉曉] 三輪雷藏寺,位於美國德州達拉斯附近的Farmersville鎮,係真佛宗在美南的一座殊勝道場。該寺佔地三十二多英畝,建築面積近四英畝,其主體結構大雄寶殿,是由壯觀的石柱、粉紅色的牆面及灰色的屋瓦所建成;另外,左側有財神殿,右側是地藏殿,後山有蓮花屋水子靈殿,並有莊嚴的護摩/水供殿。整座廟宇古色古香、美輪美奐,氣派非凡。 三輪雷藏寺的法務,由蓮鎮上師和蓮央上師主導,他們曾是俗家的夫妻,現在則為修行路上的神仙道侶。蓮鎮上師是師尊認證的黑蓮花童子,平時他經常外出弘法,足跡遍及美國、加拿大、台灣、印尼、馬來西亞和澳洲,因此三輪雷藏寺的內務重責,主要落在蓮央上師的身上。蓮鎮上師讚嘆道:「一個道場的興盛,天時、地利、人和是絕對必須的,蓮央上師在人和方面做得非常好,她具有極佳的真實親善融合能力。」 的確,回想三輪雷藏寺於2009年11月落成啟用時,當地同門還不到二十位,可如今光皈依的善信大德就有六、七百位之多。平時每週日下午的例行共修約有三、四十位,而一年舉辦四次的法會,則可吸引百多信眾參加,尤其農曆過年時,兩、三百人齊聚廟堂,喜氣洋洋,好不熱鬧。因此,讓人不禁好奇,在達拉斯這樣一個以石油、電信、計算機技術、銀行業和航空運輸業為主要經濟支柱的大城,蓮鎮和蓮央兩位金剛上師是如何艱辛地,一步一腳印,將真佛密法慢慢弘揚開來。


「三輪雷藏寺以教育訓練為主軸,包括上課、內觀禪定、呼吸吐納、護摩水供實習班、閉關等。」蓮央上師一語直指核心。她說:「達拉斯屬於科技城,在當地上班的多是高級知識分子,他們不容易馬上接受密法且入門,通常是先來廟裡看看,或觀察幾個月再說。當然我也不會強迫或邀請他們皈依,因為若不了解宗派,皈依就會流入形式而不踏實.並沒有好處。」蓮央上師曾於2011年參加過草屯「威德佛學院」的法師培訓班,獲益匪淺,也深知開課的重要。所以對於新皈依的同門,她會親自給他們上課學習。這些年來,三輪雷藏寺已經陸續開過幾次基本課程班,內容有戒律、威儀、修法儀軌,以及敬師、重法、實修理念的貫徹等等。每期十堂課,費時兩個多月,雖然這會花掉蓮央上師很多的時間,但她堅信一切都是必要與值得的。 再者,三輪雷藏寺也很重視修習禪定,時不時開設有密七、密四、密三等班。蓮央上師認為:「同門若只是一直忙於做事及修法,卻沒有禪定的功夫,那如何能產生智慧?沒有禪定,就沒辦法理清一條修行的路,儘管師尊慈悲傳下了很多法,但如果沒有好好的去沈殿自己,去了解體會師尊的法脈,去抉擇選出適合自己的修行方法,然後有恆心毅力不急不緩的去演練實修,這才是最重要的. 否則都只是在做表面功夫而已。」另外,該寺還建有閉關房,有同門想閉關,蓮央上師都會為他們安排護關同們。她說:「在修行這條路上,大家都要互相協助,我幫你,你幫我,互相督促勉勵同登摩訶雙蓮池。」

不過三輪雷藏寺度化眾生也存在瓶頸,例如引導真正的美國人修法就有困難,目前總共只有二, 三十位。蓮央上師發覺美國人比較喜歡禪坐,或許是把禪坐當成養生方法之一吧!一旦談到修行方面就不是那麼熱衷了,更何況要用英文詳細解釋真佛密法,實在太不容易了。蓮央上師注意到,即便像十七世大寶法王在美國傳法,也必須在佛教理趣中混雜些基督教的傳教方式思想,才能為洋人所慢慢接受。但儘管如此,三輪雷藏寺仍嘗試從講英文的數十位同門身上著手,先培訓出他們,再讓他們來帶動土生土長美國人的信仰,只是這還需要一段很長的時間才能檢視成果呢。








在三輪雷藏寺,蓮鎮上師和蓮央上師經常用護摩或水供、問事、風水等方便法門,來解決同門的困難與病痛,他們也因此累積出很多修法上的寶貴經驗。蓮央上師告訴我們:「首先,護摩儀軌周全要非常純熟, 觀想供品化成廣大無盡, 再虔誠祈請師尊住頂.護摩主尊.火天神與自己融入合成一体, 進入護摩火光之中,用火來清淨化解一切的業障.一切所求皆成就. 重點在虔誠祈求、放空專一.要身口意完全融入,才能達到天人合一的境界。人的力量是有限的,所以要完全融入,由師尊、瑤池金母、、主尊、諸佛菩薩龍天護法降臨來幫助化解,最為殊勝。」







蓮央上師認為:「一路走來,都是師尊、瑤池金娘、諸佛菩薩的保佑。」她常常說笑:「我們在房地產賺了那麼多錢,但到最後卻灑脫地全部賣掉,拿來蓋廟,或許這是佛菩薩認為,我們兩個人都是最簡單又聽話的佛子,所以祂們先把錢借給我們看看,然後再交出來為佛菩薩度眾生之用吧!」蓮央上師說:「其實真的很感恩,想想今天,如果我們仍把錢抓在自己手上,我們不見得會了解人生的意義,反而會有困擾。現在我們把錢全部放在寺廟眾生上,真的很好,我們不僅可以度化很多同門,自己又可以修法,利人利己. 自度度他。世間就是這樣,回頭想想. 因有師尊、瑤池金娘的指引才有今天, 此恩没齒難忘.唯有终生奉塵刹修法度眾, 祈望能回報師佛一二」















「三輪雷藏寺以教育訓練為主軸,包括密法儀軌的上課、內觀禪定、呼吸吐納、護摩/水供實習班、臨終關懷、短期閉關等等。」蓮央上師一語直指核心。她說:「達拉斯屬於科技城,在當地上班的多是高級知識分子,他們不容易馬上接受密法且入門,通常是先來廟裡看看,或觀察幾個月再說。當然我也不會強迫或邀請他們皈依,因為若不了解宗派,皈依就會流入形式而不踏實.並沒有好處。」蓮央上師曾於2011年參加過草屯「威德佛學院」的法師培訓班,獲益匪淺,也深知開課的重要。所以對於新皈依的同門,她會親自給他們上課學習。這些年來,三輪雷藏寺已經陸續開過幾次基本課程班,內容有戒律、威儀、修法儀軌,護摩/水供實習班,來貫徹敬師、重法、實修的理念。每期十堂課,費時兩個多月,雖然這會花掉蓮央上師很多的時間,但她堅信一切都是必要與值得的。 再者,三輪雷藏寺也很重視修習禪

定,時不時開設有密七、密四、密三等班。蓮央上師認為:「同門若只是一直忙於做事及修法,卻沒有禪定的功夫,那如何能產生智慧?沒有禪定,就沒辦法理清一條修行的路,儘管師尊慈悲傳下了很多法,但如果沒有好好的去沈殿自己,去了解體會師尊的法脈,去抉擇選出適合自己的修行方法,然後有恆心毅力不急不緩的去演練實修,這才是最重要的. 否則都只是在做表面功夫而已。」另外,該寺還建有閉關房,有同門想閉關,蓮央上師都會為他們安排護關同們。她說:「在修行這條路上,大家都要互相協助,我幫你,你幫我,互相督促勉勵同登摩訶雙蓮池。」

不過三輪雷藏寺度化眾生也存在瓶頸,例如引導真正的美國人修法就有困難,目前總共只有二, 三十位。蓮央上師發覺美國人比較喜歡禪坐,或許是把禪坐當成養生方法之一吧!一旦談到修行方面就不是那麼熱衷了,更何況要用英文詳細解釋真佛密法,實在太不容易了。蓮央上師注意到,即便像十七世大寶法王在美國傳法,也必須在佛教理趣中混雜些基督教的傳教方式思想,才能為洋人所慢慢接受。但儘管如此,三輪雷藏寺仍嘗試從講英文的數十位同門身上著手,先培訓出他們,再讓他們來帶動土生土長美國人的信仰,只是這還需要一段很長的時間才能檢視成果呢。








在三輪雷藏寺,蓮鎮上師和蓮央上師經常用護摩或水供、問事、風水等方便法門,來解決同門的困難與病痛,他們也因此累積出很多修法上的寶貴經驗。蓮央上師告訴我們:「首先,護摩/水供儀軌要周全要非常純熟, 觀想供品化成廣大無盡, 再虔誠祈請師尊住頂.護摩/水供主尊.火天神/水天神與自己融入合成一体, 進入護摩火光之中,用火來清淨化解一切的業障.一切所求皆成就. 重點在虔誠祈求、放空專一.要身口意完全融入,才能達到天人合一的境界。人的力量是有限的,所以要完全融入,由師尊、瑤池金母、、主尊、諸佛菩薩龍天護法降臨來幫助化解,最為殊勝。」





蓮央上師的修行也不惶多讓。她習慣每天五點多起床,先修法,再練氣脈,二十多年來始終不懈地做寶瓶氣,之後再禪定,接著修法經行持咒,直到十點半左右才開始作廟務。到了晚上,她又繼續修法,或燒護摩、做水供,或禪坐。她說:「我們住得比較郊外,也沒有習慣進城逛街,生活很恬靜,有是同門會開玩笑的說: 「你們過的日子,好像是山頂洞人的生活。」蓮央上師認為,真佛密法的可貴在「真」。因為在修法過程中,有咒語、手印、觀想,雖然表面看起來好像很簡單,但如果深入探究,其實是藉由身口意,在帶動整個身體的氣脈明點。這種冷暖自知的真實感覺,實在太殊勝了,世間沒有任何法門可以取代的。





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